• Technical support and free quotation services
  • Cost estimates for insurance claims
  • Professional installation and sale of solid parquet, mosaic parquet, strip parquet, upright lamella parquet, crosscut paving, solid wood flooring, bamboo parquet and all domestic and exotic woods
  • Finished parquet in all variations
  • Carpet, PVC, linoleum, cork, CV coverings, rubber coverings, design coverings, laminate, stair floor coverings
  • Restoration of existing parquet, cork and floorboard floors as well as old staircase renovations
  • Underfloor renovation and construction of dry screeds
  • Field markings in gyms

Results of our work:

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The two carpenters Helmut and Franz Rapprich founded the company Rapprich Parkett in 1966.


After Franz Rapprich left the company in 1974, Helmut became the sole owner of the business.

1986 until 1988

In 1986 he decided to take the master examination in parquet laying to officially train his son and current owner Steffen Rapprich. At the same time he entered the Parquet Layers Trade Guild of Hesse. Steffen Rapprich successfully passed the journeyman’s examination in 1988.

1994 until 2001

From now on he worked hand in hand with his father as a journeyman until he successfully passed the master examination in 1994. He took over the company in 1995. In 1999 he started apprenticing his niece Lara Kürten. She successfully passed the journeyman’s examination in 2001 and is now a permanent member of the Rapprich Parkett team.

2015 until 2018

In August 2015 Eric starts his apprenticeship in the parquet laying trade and passes the early journeyman’s examination in January 2018. Since September 2018 he is attending the master school.